Saturday, June 1, 2013

Whatever became of...?

WYES-TV'S "Steppin' Out" weekly arts and entertainment show with that cad on the right.

These days my old constant companion, the Kosher Computing blog (yes, the very one you're espying now), has been feeling pretty abandoned. It's not the blog's fault. Nay, this once proud blog stood as a testament to my dedication to the writing craft that would permit me to pour out onto the cypher universe my thoughts and musings of the world. I truly loved my blog!

Then, slowly and almost imperceptibly, the number of blog posts began to diminish. The first year I had well over 200 posts. The next year about half that. The third year even less until this year - 2013 - when I have had a grand total of one post and that brought about over the discovery in a drawer of an early piece I had written at least three decades previously. The previous post was my decrying the tragedy in Sandy Hook, Connecticut last December.

What has consumed me is my online work for the Crescent City Jewish News and on as well as my work as a theatre critic/reviewer over the past two seasons on "Steppin' Out," the WYES-TV weekly arts and entertainment program. There has simply been no time to engage my old friend and I am sure this blog wants little to do with me as well now. I'm not saying the blog is jealous of my time spent away, but I can't believe that any entity - no matter how large or small - would feel good about a close friend spending so much time away.

I want to make it up to my blog, but the only way I can do so is to spend time here, reassuring it in any way I can that I'm here now and that I know I'll be back soon.

The truth is I know in my heart (and I think the blog knows deep down too) that I'm lying. Shhhh...let's keep it a secret just between us.