Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Seven Year *itch

Seven years ago we all remember where we were when the attacks on America began. It was a defining moment in our republic, a focal point from where we knew we were no longer safe in this world. This was the day that global terrorism became domestic. We had watched from afar for many years and witnessed how others in far off lands had struggled with the threat of terrorism as part of their everyday fabric. We had labored under a false sense of security. After that black Tuesday morning, we could no longer look at terror in the same way as we had on September 10, 2001. In a plan designed to frighten our citizenry and shake the foundation of our nation, the enemy used our own advanced technology against us, felling the noble Twin Towers in New York, the symbol of our financial prowess, and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., the seat of our military power. Seven years ago today we shook our heads in disbelief, mourned our victims and, in a series of specific measures, set about redefining what liberties we would have to do without in order to safeguard our national security. It seems pretty clear to me that the future of our nation depends on our ability to protect ourselves. With brave men and women stationed in far away lands to safeguard its liberty, America finds itself on the brink of one of its most important national elections. It is important we remember the lessons of 9/11 and keep them close at heart when we cast our ballots in less than eight weeks.

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