Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Needle and the Damage Lagged

Terry Soltzberg and the Space Needle's own Lunar Orbiter

Twice in as many months I have been to the Northwest and found myself traveling backwards against the natural progression of the time zones. I have done that only a few times before and can't say that I noticed any residual effects like I've experienced last month and at this juncture. I am fairly certain that I am in the throes of what travelers call jet lag. It is odd that the only cure to jet lag is its same cause: to wit, time. Of course the reason our inner clocks are so off kilter is due to changes in our inner clocks. According to experts, it takes a day for one hour of time zone change to be corrected. So, since I crossed over two hours, I should expect to take at least two days to fully recover. Only one problem. Yom Kippur begins at sundown on Wednesday, hardly enough time to prepare for fasting.  Guess I'll have to pray that I make it through the affliction.
Meanwhile, I wanted to publicly thank Clevleand's own Terry Soltzberg of Midwest Information Systems or Infosys, who was my companion during the recent SMB Nation conference in Seattle.  The last night we both flew out of Sea-Tac Airport together and took time to dine in the restaurant at the Seattle Space Needle before our respective flights.  It was a magnificent repast with the piece de resistance of a Lunar Orbiter, a chocolate sundae served atop a  dish holding a bed of dry ice that smokes up the table. It was wild and definitely worth the trip. Terry is seen with the timeless dessert above that has been served inside the Space Needle since it opened in 1962. Thank you, Terry, for all you did to make me feel at home in Seattle.

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