Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tales of the Cocktail 2009

And so it begins again. The New Orleans mid-summer convention dedicated to spirits kicks off today. The Tales of the Cocktail is featuring the Mint Julep this year much as they did the Sazerac last year. In short it is the premiere spirits event in the country. Now in their seventh year, Ann and Paul Tueneman hold court over this incredible event that attracts hundreds, if not thousands of attendees, from all over the world. For the next several days New Orleans is the epicenter of the spirits universe with seminars, lectures, parties and dinners being presented in support of this major event. You will see many different venues offered for world class dinners tomorrow night as well as a plethora of varying seminars on all kinds of spirits. If you want to know more about libations and potent potables, this is the place to be. New Orleans has always made itself evident as one of the great centers of drinking, although the aptly-named Bourbon Street does not lend itself toward greatness in mixology. Nevertheless, if you want to experience the science of drinking, this event is a must-see. I applaud all of Ann and Paul's staff for their cordiality and professionalism. It will be a great event and one not to be missed.

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