Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Video killed the Internet blog

I have been most favorably impressed with a new product recently unveiled by the Louisiana Technology Council. It is something that will allow businesses to reach out to current clients and customers and to try to reach hundreds or thousands more via a remarkable tool. Or, in its most simple application, it will mean an easy way for friends and relatives to correspond with each other in a more direct and personal manner. The technology employed is a video e-mail that can be customized with templates for each business with typical video lengths of up to five minutes. Imagine receiving a flashy e-mail with a custom-tailored business name and logo and a "click here" button enabling the launch of a short video. The incredible difference between this product and other video players is that these videos are not downloaded to one's hard drive or streamed from a server in a way that will cause buffering problems. These video e-mails are played with total throughput through the services of the host company with no loss of video signal as one might see over a media player or through an online video service like You Tube. The Louisiana Technology Council was so overwhelmed with the possibilities of getting others like me interested that they are marketing the product through individuals like me. I believe this product will be a great sales tool and a terrific way for businesses to connect to others. Whether a simple thank you to a client or a congratulatory video to a member of a sales team, all of these videos can be expertly produced and archived for later use. The product has such a crisp, professional feel that I believe it will be positively embraced by IT-savvy managers and administrators. The technology also has an impressive potential as a training tool. Each account that signs up for one of three levels of service will receive a free video USB camera that can be used to aid in the production of videos (a $100 value). Personally, I hope to use this product for video blogging, which will be a new method for me to connect to my community of business clients, friends and family. Anyone interested in a live demonstration of this promising new technology should contact me at smasonics-AT-Hotmail.com (note the spelling should include the "@" sign instead of "-AT-") and leave both a daytime and evening phone number for contact putting "Videos" in the subject field. Mark Lewis of the LTC has promised to make personal demonstrations on my behalf and anyone else who is interested in knowing more about this cutting edge product. In the meantime I am positively jazzed about the promise this business proposition portends. There is a modest sign-up feet, but after that the cost is minimal (packages start at $20 per month to reach up to 1,000 people at a time). The returns look like they could be lucrative. According to Lewis, people involved with the host company have been in the video production business for a number of years and this particular business model has been developed over the course of the last two years. This has all the earmarks of being something that will explode over the Internet in the coming months and years and I hope to be on the ground floor when it does. Besides, with Mark Lewis and the LTC behind it, there is little chance it will not succeed.

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