Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sixth annual 10 Commandments Hike

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Map of 10 Commandments Hike
With less than a day to register online, there are still several slots available for interested parties to join with me on the sixth annual Ten Commandments Hike, sponsored by the Southeast Louisiana Council. This is an interfaith hike designed to reinforce the 12th Point of the Scout Law ("A Scout is reverent.") and to promote physical fitness. It's more than just a Boy Scout activity. It is open to the public and an unusual way to promote religious tolerance, acceptance and understanding. Quite frankly, I enjoy leading this event because it brings everyone together in a very real manner under the umbrella of Scouting. Everyone who participates gets a water bottle emblazoned with the 2009 logo, a special patch, a streetcar token, a brochure listing all the stops and is fed a delicious hot kosher lunch midway through the hike. It's even open to Girl Scouts, the only event sanctioned by the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts of the USA. So the hike is responsible for bringing all kinds of disparate groups together. Here's the link to sign up until midnight tonight.

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