Wednesday, December 2, 2009

11 and 0h my!

If there is another happiest place on earth (aside from Disneyworld), it's probably right here in the Crescent City. There is an ever-present smile on the faces of the children and its reflected in the happy countenances one sees on everyday people doing their regular jobs or keeping their appointments. There is a spring in everyone's step and it's all because of the unbelievable record posted by the undefeated New Orleans Saints. Yes, it's true. The birds are singing sweeter and the sun is shining more brilliantly as each day dawns. The Aints of old are such a distant memory that paper bags are only considered as worthily used at grocery stores. The jazz music in the air seems to carry a universal message for all to enjoy. It's a tune every kid knows for certain: "Oh, when the Saints go marching in..." According to the Nielsen people who are paid to know, Monday night's game on ESPN and the local station that paid to carry it might turn out to be the largest audience in cable TV history, eclipsing the record set October 5 when the Green Bay Packer took on their former quarterback Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings. The ratings people suggest the national rating for the Saints game against the New England Patriots was at 14.4 in metered markets compared to the earlier game, which registered 14.2. There is no doubt that a big majority of TV sets in the area watched the sellout game at the Superdome. Estimates suggest the combined share was a much as 83.7. That means that the overwhelming percentage of homes with TV sets was tuned to either WDSU-TV the local station that carried the game or the ESPN channel. That is hard to fathom, but it may also be a local record for penetration and easily eclipsed the ratings for the past two Super Bowls, typically the single biggest and most watched game of the year. There are five remaining games and everyone has their eyes wide open, but even the most hardened of naysayers is now convinced. The Who Dat Nation has risen and their mantra is spreading northward, westward and eastward. It's a short week, but the Washington Redskins are next up and Saints fans are ready to take them on and add yet another number in the "w" column. Mmmm... Can you detect that fragrance in the air? It's the smell of victory and it smells a lot better than the freshest coffee and chicory or the crispiest and confectioner's sugar-covered beignet one can have at Cafe du Monde. It's been a long time for Saints fans who savor this day and consider the possibility of a Super Bowl date no longer a pipe dream. (Logo Copyright New Orleans Saints)

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