Thursday, January 7, 2010

A new year and a disturbing trend

I have just completed my second year as a blogger and noted that the first year I had posted 266 blogs. Not bad when you consider weekends and holidays, I thought to myself. But this past year the number of blog entries was half of that at 130. I am aghast. I am appalled. I am concerned. But will this change my seemingly lackadaisical approach to this blog? Probably not. I make no apologies because I am truly doing the best I can. I regret the fact I cannot add more, but I am delighted when I do have the time to add to my commentaries here. Please forgive me if I am not more steady, but I promise that I will try to make up the lack of quantity with more quality. That's what Kander and Ebb called "razzle dazzle 'em" in "Chicago. Meanwhile, happy anniversary to us. Another year for Kosher Computing and a year which already has had some very interesting things occur. Meanwhile, Twelfth Night was last night. Carnival is just around the corner and I am busy preparing manuscripts for the various balls I will narrate beginning next weekend. Be still my heart. It's Mardi Gras time in New Orleans. Meanwhile, anybody care to reveal what resolutions you've made for the new year?

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