Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cranston's challenge

As it struggles to emerge from flooding of Biblical proportions, the Northeast has been reeling from seemingly relentless rain that has lashed the coastlines and New England for weeks. Little Cranston, Rhode Island has suffered more than most and the realization has dawned that the Pawtuxet River has yet to crest. That means more flooding is likely in the coming days. Cranston, the third largest city in Rhode Island, was named one of the safest cities in America and one of the 100 best places to live in America within the past four years, according to Money Magazine. Yet, nothing could prepare the residents of Cranston for the backlash from Mother Nature they've experienced this week. Flooding is so destructive and its effects so well known here in New Orleans. This was true even before Hurricane Katrina. We've had so-called rain events that have left residents stranded and cars flooded along city streets after a downpour of two or three hours. Sadly, some drivers have lost their lives driving underneath flooded overpasses that hid ten or more feet of standing water. Cranston's infrastructure is particularly hard hit and bridges could crumble even more in the next few hours or days. I'll be keeping them all in my prayers.

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