Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taxing times

Well, you might suspect that today's blog entry will consider the Internal Revenue Service and the fact that today is the deadline to file form 1040s. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's all about the impending nuptials of my son and his bride-elect and the fallout from that event that looms large. It is somewhat unusual, but I have yet to meet my son's fiancée's father. We are slated to meet each other for the first time on Saturday night at the rehearsal dinner, a misnomer to be sure, since there is no rehearsal. I have the strong suspicion that we have been deliberately kept apart due to the fear that we would prove to be volatile or at the very least unpredictable in our treatment of each other. Frankly, the future of our children is more important to me than if the two fathers involved are best pals or not. We shall see, but it is interesting in that he may be more like me than either of us imagines. We both have strong opinions about a great many things including our practice of our religions. It is my feeling that nothing in either religion promotes the practice of hate or antipathy towards others. I hope that in the interest of being civil and making an opportunity to get to know each other that we shall rise above petty differences. But that doesn't make the suspense of the first meeting less anxious for me. It seems to me that we all stand on the threshold of a great leap forward. I vow not to impede progress, but I know that my love for my son and his choice of a mate will require I be supportive. It's got to be more than just swallowing hard and smiling broadly. I should take the initiative and put myself out there if not for my own peace of mind than for peace in the family. Can I get an amen to that?

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