Saturday, May 29, 2010

To "v" or not to "v"

MCP Ryan Spillane, left, and MVP Oliver Sommer
Virtualization has taken on frightening new possibilities since the core processors have come out that have made it a real consideration for business applications. The primary question is whether it makes sense to virtualize single applications on a server or run them outright without virtualization. Three major experts on virtualization answered questions and gave their own tack on virtualization: Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Dave Sobel of Evolve Technologies; Oliver Sommer, an Austrian Microsoft MVP; and Ryan Spillane, an Australian Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) with tons of business experience. They each gave their own reasons as to why or why not virtualization makes sense in a business setting and where they ran into some problems. Others in the room offered their own opinions, some welcomed by the panel, some not. More on this later tomorrow when Jeff Middleton takes on some of his own musings on the subject.

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