Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Imagine all the possiblities

Recently, I took up the challenge of listening to all of the three-volume set of live Beatles recordings and outtakes titled "The Beatles Anthology." Included in this set were the "final" Beatles recordings of "Free As a Bird" and "Real Love," crude tapes of John Lennon that were used as background for the remaining three Beatles to play and sing against. Tragically, it was only a few years later that George Harrison fell too as a victim of cancer. Nonetheless, listening to these early and late recordings made me appreciate all the more how incredibly talented all of the Beatles were and how mournful I am at the loss of John Lennon today on what is the exact 30th anniversary of his assassination. I remember thinking three decades ago that his murderer probably wouldn't last in prison very long, that someone inside would probably kill him, too, for a chance of also becoming infamous. But that never happened and perhaps that's because of Lennon's lasting legacy of promoting peace and love throughout the world. It may seem corny, but it's still true: "all you need is love." For those born after Lennon's death the significance of his life may pale, but for those of us who grew up in the turbulent era of the Sixties and Seventies, his implacable voice of reason was somehow reassuring that bad things would work out, if only we believed. Although I have gotten older, I still do believe in the power of love, but I also know that we must not let down our guard or rush blindly into the world without looking out for danger or obstacles along the way. I trust in love, but I look both ways when crossing the street and always check intersections when proceeding on a green light. I am amazed that so many of the younger generation have discovered the Beatles and have much of their music on their iPods. With the recent announcement that the Beatles' music would now be available for sale on iTunes, a whole new generation of Lennon lovers awaits their discovery of his music. I miss John Lennon, but I thank God for the fact he was here and that the music he left behind will be with us for our progeny.

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whalechaser said...

Thirty years already...and it really seems like only yesterday (no pun intended)
Yes, their music does reverberate through my head when things start to go a little crazy. A calming and reassuring mantra for the world.