Monday, October 13, 2014

My mistress

I am in love. There is no doubt about it. I am hopelessly, helplessly, unabashedly trapped in a relationship that is, at best, unrequited and, at worst, toxic. My mistress is a constant flirt, shamelessly bestowing her ample charms on anyone who stares in her direction. She cares not whom she seduces - men, women - even mere children - have all given in to her wily ways.

I introduce a new friend to her and she takes him as her new lover, making him smile and giving him joy that I had hoped she would keep just for me. I am furious. I am jealous. I am miserable knowing how easily she can be another's. I vow I must leave her for trifling so with my affections.

But no. My mistress kisses me broadly and smiles, knowing I can never leave her, that my heart is hers for the keeping and no matter how sullied her reputation may be or how gaudy she may be seen by outsiders, she will always have me in her firm grasp.

She does a little pirouette in front of me, promising me that she will be faithful, but it's always the same. She is off entreating others to sample of her charms, her beautiful curves, the savory food she offers to unsuspecting strangers and the hot music that is her very own.

Yes, I am just another victim of this harlot, who will never know the meaning of the word fidelity. She will forever torture me with her lewd and lascivious manner and spread her arms out to bring others to her bosom who, like me, become her powerless victims.

There is no doubt: she is hot. She is sassy. She is steamy. She is my one and true love and I acknowledge I will never escape my mistress. I resign myself to my destiny for I know that even were I to move to the far ends of the Earth, I would be drawn back, siren-like, to be with her again.

I give in to her, my cruel, uncaring and wonderful love. I surrender to her again and again. There is no one else like her and there will never be another to rival her.

Yes, you are my greatest love and inspiration: my hometown, New Orleans!

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