Friday, February 15, 2008

Feet, don't fail me now

Okay, so maybe I overreacted. Maybe it was the incredible pangs of pain that kept radiating from my foot that had me thinking the worst. Maybe it was my congitive reasoning that suggested that it was time for me to experience the indignity of a broken digit. Or maybe it was... ♪just my imagination, once again, running away with me♪...well, you know what I mean. For the record, I am not dealing with a broken toe. After an x-ray was taken on Wednesday and the results were finally given to me yesterday, it is apparent that I am suffering from a spur in or adjacent to my big toe. The spur could quite possibly have been exacerbated by the trauma of my toe hitting the sidewalk on Sunday. I'm not sure. However, once I took off my shoes and switched to sandals (and took massive doses of iburprofen) my foot started feeling oh-so-much better. Ahhhhhh... The good news for me medically will unfortunately mean that I will be committing many fashion sins in the next week or so as the swelling goes down and my normal gait returns. Sandals and socks: that's a fashion mis-statement if I've ever heard of one. I hope to avoid the fashion police over the course of the next several days. I guess the big question that needs to be resolved is what to do to deal with the spur. Is it something that I will have to deal with in the future or was it just a freak accident that could have been more manageable had I simply removed my shoes and donned my sandals days ago at the first sign of distress? In the meantime I am getting very proficient at downing four ipuprofen without water lickedy split. Its a technique I've rehearsed while watching reruns of "House."
On to politics: A new political poll awaits your vote at the right of this column. The last poll, which ran from January until earlier in the month yielded the following results: a three way plurality tie with Clinton, Edwards, and Obama (21% each). Because I could not change the poll without deleting it, Romney, Thompson and Edwards remained even after each had suspended their campaigns. I am fairly confident that the four candidates listed in the two major political parties races for nominations will remain, although Huckabee could bail if he runs out of money soon. I would invite you to cast your vote in our latest straw poll.
Hoop Dreams: In case you were on a different planet in the last few days or don't plan to watch the NBA All-Star game this weekend, you may not know that the NBA has landed in New Orleans for its annual show-off festival. It's such a big deal that the city fathers (and mothers) have decided to sweep the artists, tarot readers, and others away for the next several days from the area adjacent to Jackson Square, the site of tonight's "2008 Celebration of Contribution" NBA bash honoring volunteers who are contributing to the rebuilding effort here. Locally, there is much interest in Hornets Coach Byron Scott, who is leading an NBA All-Star team on his own home court in the upcoming game.

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