Sunday, January 4, 2009

The anniversary of Kosher Computing

Congratulations! I've made it to my first anniversary as a blogger. The past year has proven to be full of challenges and has been a fairly instructive period for me as I took a journeyman's leap into the blogosphere. Yet, it has been richly rewarding and, I hope for you, very productive in terms of output and what I had intended to create with Kosher Computing. Although the number of comments has been a bit lower than what I had hoped, those that have chosen to do so have in almost all cases had salient points they wanted to raise and to which I paid close attention. As a journalist, I have attempted to keep the highest levels of ethics and have tried to be objective in a great many, but not all, cases. A blog tends to be of a very personal nature and therefore requires some subjectivity from time to time. It is my desire to not go overboard in this regard. So, if anyone wishes to object to anything I have written, you need only post a response online. No one has been edited in this past year and I hope that the need will not arise to curtail readers' opinions in the future. With my second year now beginning, I want to continue to pledge myself to the task of reporting items of interest in a fair and timely fashion and to make comments that are deemed appropriate, if not specifically on target. Thank you all for being with me through this first important and formative year. I hope year number two offers us time and opportunity to share and consider a multitude of new thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics.
Wishing you all the best,

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whalechaser said...

I stumbled onto your blog quite by accident and have been coming back ever since. Your posts have depth and thoughtfulness; I always come away learning something new. You are a gifted writer and I was surprised that you have only been doing this for one year. Looking forward to your future posts.