Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh, I see one ate very well

What is it about January 8 that makes it so very special? True, today is the 194th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans, but not to downplay the contributions of Andrew Jackson and Jean Lafitte, I am more keen to look back in history to this date...less nine months. What I mean is: what is it about April 8 (or dates around then) that inspires genius in the progeny of lovers who romp in Cupid's grove at that time? Let's examine the record: January 8 is the birthdate for several composers of note including Robert Schumann. Also, for those of you who remember several James Bond theme songs, it's the birthday for Shirley Bassey, who still has the record for the most Bond title songs sung. Most of us know that this would have been the 74th birthday of the King, Elvis Presley. But how many of you know that it's also the birthday for David Bowie (his 62nd) and the Doors' Robby Krieger (his 68th)? Children's author R. L. Stine, who is one of the most prolific of authors, was also born on this date in 1943 and the incredible genius of Stephen Hawking entered the black hole of existence on this date exactly one year before. Director John McTiernan (Diehard, Predator and The Hunt for Red October) is one of several stars of the big screen and Darrell Hammond of Saturday Night Live fame is one of the small screen stars born this date. They are a fairly disparate group, but all brilliant in their own way. Yes, the cold of today's winter makes me think of the warm, inviting spring day that brought about these incredible celebrities. All of them have made a significant impact on me and maybe even you. And as the King would say, "Thank you....thank you very much!"

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