Saturday, April 18, 2009

Toledo Mud Hens

I understand that there is a person employed by the Toledo Mud Hens whose job it is to scan the Internet and to determine what, if anything, is being published about that minor league ballclub. In case you don't recall, the Toledo Mud Hens are located just outside of Toledo and play their home games at Fifth Third Field, named by Newsweek Magazine as the "best minor league ballpark in America." The Triple A Mud Hens are part of the International League and are associated as a "farm team" with the major league Detroit Tigers organization. The Mud Hens have in the past also been associated with the New York Yankees, the Cleveland Indians, the Minnesota Twins and the Philadelphia Phillies. But the Tigers have been their most predominant partner for many years now. Everything I have stated is correct, but I am sure that the person the Mud Hens employs knows that. Nevertheless, he is probably scanning this blog to make sure that nothing is factually misleading or incorrect in any other manner. The reason he has to fact check this is, quite simply, it's his job. Think about it, though. If people like me didn't write about the Mud Hens, this guy's job might be in trouble. He might have to hit the unemployment line or worse get into another line of work. So, in these hard economic times, I feel I am contributing to the recovery effort by keeping one job firmly in place. That fellow in Toledo will have another day without a pink slip if I can do anything about it. Hey, don't thank me. It's the least I could do.

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