Thursday, April 2, 2009

What, no April Fools?

Maybe we can blame it on the economy, but I get the distinct impression that very few people are in a laughing mood.  That's probably why I didn't fee compelled to play pranks on co-workers or clients throughout the day. It just seems like the wiser move at present. Oh, I did get one in earlier in the day. I stopped by a client to install a program that I know will cause the screen to blacken and flicker for a total of about one and a half seconds. I didn't let on about that, but proceeded with the installation and noted that the program was wonderful, but that it did have a terrible side effect one time previous. According to my tale of woe, if the screen blackened it meant that the installation had failed and that it would take some expertise to figure out what to do next to the computer. No sooner had I spoken those words than the screen blackened. "Oh, no!" I shouted, putting my hands to my face in fake terror like Macauley Culkin in "Home Alone" for extra measure. After a second and a half later, the screen flickered back on. "April Fools!" I bellowed, laughing out loud. She screamed, but then started laughing along with me. It was an inspired moment and one that I was devilishly proud of. Oh, well, like the Saints and the Browns are always saying, "wait until next year!"

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