Saturday, January 8, 2011

A birthday, an anniversary and a battle royal

Happy birthday, happy anniversary and Who Dat!

Today is a special day. January 8 would have been the 76th birthday of Elvis Presley. It is the 196th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans. But for all of New Orleans today is the first day of the playoffs. It is the day when the New Orleans Saints will take on the Seattle Seahawks at Qwest Stadium. While conditions at game time are expected to be less than the perfect conditions inside the Superdome, the Saints players will be ready for the game. I will not make excuses. Despite the expectations of the prognosticators who have made the Saints a 10-point favorite, the Saints are hurting from a number of key injuries to players like running backs Chris Ivory and Pierre Thomas. That puts all the more pressure on Reggie Bush, the only healthy running back remaining that is well known. On defense several players are also out like Malcolm Jenkins and Anthony Hargrove. The team will be playing in just a few moment in front of hostile fans, but they are ready to prove they are indeed the reigning world champions. We're all holding our collective breath and hoping the way to the Superbowl will be through the depth of our fantastic team. Were they here, Elvis and Andrew Jackson would be Saints fans, I'm sure. So, "Go Saints!" and a "who dat!" to you too.

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