Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our third anniversary

Today marks the third anniversary of this blog. When I first began the Kosher Computing blog in 2008, I was ever so dedicated, forcing myself to write no matter what obstacles or outside activities lay in my way. I am happy to report that I have found time to just say no to the blog, but I nevertheless feel guilty. Since 2008 I have written about a myriad topics in over 500 posts. Given the fact that I started out trying to write every day and now find myself unable to even remotely pass near that goal, there is a feeling that I should perhaps apologize or make penance in some way. But I fear no such apology will emanate from my lips or from my nimble fingers on the keyboard. I am definitely happy I have found many other outlets to feed my jones for writing including my work at a reporter/reviewer on While other pursuits may keep me busy, know that my love of writing and my dedication to the time-honored profession of journalism and the high ideals it exudes will never keep me very far away. The new year portends several new endeavors that will occupy much of my time in the coming months. Details on these new opportunities will be announced in due time, but it will mean an even higher level of commitment from me and more time focused on writing. I'm not sure just how that will affect my ability to be faithful to this blog, but I am hopeful it will be a good and positive force overall and in the end give even more back to those who take the time to follow this blog. I invite everyone to become "official" followers through the application Google provides, but remember it is not necessary. You make it over here when you can and I will do the same.

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