Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Split Decision

Well, it appears that the closely fought contest in Indiana went to Clinton and the race in North Carolina went (as expected) to Obama. Between the two, North Carolina was the slightly bigger prize. But how different are we today than we were yesterday? In short there are fewer committed delegates than there are uncommitted superdelegates. So, the Democratic nomination is looking more and more like a series of backroom deals between politicians than an elective process that emanates from the people. Frankly, I'm not sure that the people are served by a system that elevates one group of delegates over another. Yet, there was a dichotomy expressed in Clinton's speech late Tuesday night that many of the political observers couldn't help but notice. On the one hand, she said she was committed to continuing the battle in the remaining contests, but she also stated publicly that no matter who was the Democratic nominee, she would support him. That sounds like she may have begun to see the obvious. If the pundits are correct, she has loaned herself over six million dollars to continue the financing of the the campaign over the course of the last month. She may be running out of patience and money. Hey, I can think of plenty of things worse than having to be the first woman to accept the vice-presidency. Maybe she is keeping her options open, spinning her campaign a bit more acceptably toward the Obama camp. We'll see.

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