Saturday, May 17, 2008

Two new musical comedies take town by storm

While much of the hoopla in New Orleans has been on a certain NBA franchise, two other items of side interest have hit the local boards and are both worthy of mention. The first is Ricky Graham's new show "The Renew Review" starring Graham and co-writer Sean Patterson with support from distaff members Yvette Hargis and Mandy Zirchenback. With typical Ricky Graham comedic touches, this show lambasts the ongoing recovery effort in New Orleans with updated new songs and skits. The two act presentation running at Le Chat Noir on weekends has been selling briskly and shows are nearly all sold out. Nevertheless, for those who can get tickets, I would strongly suggest you get to Le Chat Noir and catch a very funny production by a proven winning team. The other show that just opened that is also worthy of catching is Rivertown Repertory's production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "By Jeeves," a British farce musical that is a romp with director-actor Gary Rucker in the lead role and Vatican Lokey playing the title figure. Both Rucker and Lokey lead a sterling cast of very funny players who don't miss a trick in making the audiences laugh from opening line to final chord.
Goodbye to Rivertown's Cathy Primeaux as she leaves the Kenner theatre after 15 years as stage mother to all and box office manager. Primeaux takes up work again in the medical field, but we know her heart will always be in the theatre...not the operating theatre! Best of luck to her!

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