Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Toll Rises

As per my previous blog, the reports are now flooding the networks with the horrors of what life is like in China and Myanmar following the catastrophic earthquake and cyclones there. I don't want to watch these depressing accounts, but I am compelled to do so. With loss of life on such a grand scale, the numbers are startling. I cannot fathom the loss of 900 young students in one building like occurred in one Chinese city or the loss of entire towns washed away in the wake of the cyclone. It is staggering to think of the hardships imposed on rescue workers and probably true that more people are dying today of disease and neglect than were killed in the initial stages of these tragedies. It is my nature to fix things. It is what I do. When I see a computer not performing correctly or a network down, I right it. When spy ware or viruses threaten an end user, I install the means to thwart these attacks and to keep everything on track. Yet, when I see destruction on such a grand scale, I am cognizant of how ineffective and puny I am in the face of it. I have led a blessed life and I praise God for sparing me from the indignities and vicissitudes of life that my Asian brothers and sisters are enduring. Everything happens for a reason. I do believe that. I hope we generous Americans can once again rally assistance to those who are crying, screaming, and dying for it now. Time is of the essence.

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