Friday, January 11, 2008

The Dunkin' Donuts Man

Weary as I am in the early morning hours, I find I must arise and get to the tasks of the day at hand. It is time to write the blog and I feel like the proverbial TV character who gets out of bed and keeps murmuring to himself "Time to make the donuts....time to make the donuts."

In my case, of course, it is "Time to write the blog...time to write the blog." In a way, we are very much alike. Whether anyone enjoys the sweet fried morsels is irrelevant to the Dunkin' Donuts Man. He must make those donuts or he will have a shop full of disappointed customers. Customers, I might add, who will find what they are looking for elsewhere. In my case, I am writing a blog that I have no insight as to whether it is good enough to pass muster along with the thousands of others doing the same simple task every day. But write I must or, like the bleary-eyed man who seeks to satisfy his donut-craving customers, I will certainly lose my readers and that would be the demise of this venture. Bloggers depend on readers, but the sweet rewards are found in the comments that are posted underneath each entry. Regardless if they are full of vitriol or a mere pat on the back for well-thought phrases, comments are the vindication that a blogger is engaging the cyber public. It is somewhat like the actor who plays the villain. If he is very good, he will be employed for a very long time. He doesn't much care if people love him, but that he strikes a chord in the producers and directors who see in him just what they are looking for. Sure, every now and then he might like a try at a hero's role, but he is content to turn in his best performance and continue until his final scene. Like the man in the fire tower keeping an eye out for a blaze along the horizon, I continue in my solitude of writing, never knowing if there is an audience out there, but looking for one. Should you find these posts of value, I welcome you to return and sample my wares. If you would be kind enough to send others here, that would be especially appreciated. And remember that comment button. It means you like my donuts or that you care enough to tell me they stink.
Biggest pet peeve of the day: Try going to the Microsoft site and downloading the latest version of Microsoft Office (doesn't matter which version). When I put in the country code (the choice is United States or Other), the screen flashes and all data is erased. Thus begins an endless loop with no progress measured and no hope of a download. I suspect it's a browser defect. Perhaps Mozilla's "Firefox" will work better on Microsoft's site than their own Internet Explorer 7.0. I'll let you know.

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