Thursday, January 17, 2008

HOT L Baltimore

Congratulations to my niece Nori on her selection as an intern in marketing with the hallowed Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball. Nori comes to the Orioles after a successful stint last summer with the Toledo Mudhens. Anybody who saw the movie "Major League" will remember the fictional Cleveland Indians coach's previous coaching job was as head coach of the Toledo Mudhens. Not much else to say about them publicly, other than to thank them for hiring my niece, as well as for Baltimore having the good foresight to hire her as well. I am relieved that she will be able to do her new job in Baltimore without any impediments that in past generations might have been imposed by other Major League Baseball organizations. She is a woman, after all, and many people in professional sports still have ideas that women shouldn't have the same rights and access as men have enjoyed since the inception of our National Pastime. She comes to the Orioles with a great resume and a burning desire to work in professional sports. I say good luck to her and I wish her all the best.

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