Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fred Thompson: Rack him, stack him and pack him

Well, Lenny Briscoe he wasn't. In a move, no doubt decided by the suits, Fred Dalton Thompson didn't disappoint us by going into reruns. After a late entry into the presidential merry-go-round, Thompson made the decision to cancel his series early in the season and sit around, waiting for a call from his agent for something else to do. In truth I liked his Southern down-to-earth qualities on the screen, although I thought he was a better actor than a senator. Nevertheless, I always thought he was out of his milieu on "Law and Order" as the D.A. To me he just seemed a bit out of place as a top dog in Manhattan. If the truth be told, my favorite role Thompson played was as the gruff Washington, D.C. airport manager in Bruce Willis's "Diehard 2: Die Harder." (His memorable line from that film was altered for the title of today's blog.) Even though he has exited the race, you still will be able to vote for Thompson in our poll (at right). The polling continues until February 12. Please consider voting for your favorite.

Hollywood Passings: I was drawn to some of the TV entertainment news shows following the unexpected death of Heath Ledger yesterday and discovered, to my dismay, that I had been so busy this past weekend that I hadn't been notified of the passing of film and TV icon Suzanne Pleshette. I must admit that she was a bit older than me and was, in fact, one of my father's favorite actressess. I always thought she was charming through and through. I had read of her husband Tom Poston's passing last April only a few days before and had thought to myself how odd that the two of them were married in 2001 after having known each other since 1959 and each been married and widowed before. As to the tragedy of Ledger, he may have been the victim of an accidental overdose, but it should be a lesson to all of us of the pressures of stardom and the stress associated with celebrity. Think Britney.

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