Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why me, Microsoft?

Whenever I get fairly complacent, it only takes one computer glitch I cannot fathom to knock me out of my reverie and create a sense of panic and uneasiness. A Windows 2003 Small Business Server did me in yesterday. I guess I can be thankful that for some unknown reason over the weekend the domain controller decided to stop reporting and the Directory Services that controls all of the rights and permissions of everything on the domain decided to take an early retirement. It allowed me to talk to Microsoft Technical Support for two and a half hours of scintillating conversation to a fellow in India. It also taught me that no matter what you know, there is always something out there that will knock you down a peg or two to remind you of what you don't know. The good news is it is now fixed and I also know how to correct the problem, should it ever rise its ugly head again. The bad news is that it cost a bunch of money for the Directory Services "specialist" from Microsoft to take care of the problem that was created by its own operating system. I feel the same way this morning as I do after an electrician or plumber has come by my house in this post-Katrina environment. Somehow I feel the cost associated with the fix is greater than it should be, but I know in my heart of hearts, it has to be done.

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