Saturday, January 5, 2008

Poll for Presidential Candidate Favorites

Nothing like alienating your potential public by engaging them in a political debate, right? Actually, I thought it might be a good leaping off place just to get a semblance of what kind of people are coming to this blog and where their political heads might be centered. There's nothng scientific about a poll of this sort and it's only intended to last for the next month or so. But with the big wins by Obama and Huckabee in Iowa, there may be some interest generated in healthy debate about who is best to serve and lead our nation in the coming decade. From a computing standpoint, I have been strangely drawn to Hillary Clinton ever since the website "Hillary's Hair" went up. (Don't look for's been down for years and, I believe, has been taken over by a porn site.) I put up the usual suspects in terms of frontrunners and I believe they all have a legitimate shot at the presidency, although "Law and Order" and "Diehard II"'s Fred Thompson is looking like he probably needs a call into his agent about other roles. (If the late Jerry Orbach were running, I might have voted for him.) Even though Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul are legitimate candidates, I left them off the poll as well as several others who are also in the race. Being from Cleveland, Kucinich is of interest to me personally and his admission that he has seen a UFO is refreshingly honest. Honesty is something to be treasured even if the answer might keep the Oval Office out of view. Paul has raised more money than anyone over the Internet with his viral campaigning technique. I wonder why his tactics are bringing in the big bucks from small individuals compared to the big bucks from large sponsors. He is fairly forthright, but is he so insightful that he will capture the hearts and minds of voters nationwide above the obvious frontrunners? Doubtful on my part. But I am willing to listen to others who disagree. In the meantime, cast your vote in our little poll and let's see if anything substantive comes of it. Or...for those of you who are difficult and hate politics, take me to task.

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