Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome to the Kosher Computing blog

Okay. So, here goes. I have been planning on my becoming a blogmeister or something similar last year when I went ahead and grabbed the domains for Kosher Computing. I figure it's about time that I start generating some ACII characters to go with my own somewhat distrubing character. What will the point of this be? Well, I'm not sure that there should be a point to it at all other than that, like Edison knew there was something in this tungsten that needed to be explored, I'm readily aware that I need to learn, listen, expose, and write about as many things as I can. Hopefully, there will be others who will hop on the hayride with me and enjoy. Kosher Computing is meant to be several things. It is intended to bring the technical side of computers and media into focus in a manner than can be appreciated by interested parties. It is intended to have a good dose of humor and probably a dash of color. It is meant to be a two-way street and not just a stream-of-consciousness blathering from yours truly. I hope to encourage others to post questions about a lot of different topics and to expand the scope of what I am capable of doing at present. Remember, the biggest anthill begins with a single grain of earth and a crazy plan.


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Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Alan,

Mazel tov!

New Orleans remains the only major city in the United States that I have not visited.

Because I'm a rabid James Lee Burke fan, however, I feel like I now the city.

Someday I'll make it down there.

Best of luck with your exploration of the bloggosphere.